I have to admit that it is not often that I write a testimonial, or even a review of a service or product. In fact, I am quite embarrassed to admit that if I do write a review, it is created and memorialized because I am unhappy with what I received. All that being said, I just cannot pass up the opportunity to extol the virtues of the attorney that I hired to represent me during my divorce. After thoroughly researching and interviewing different attorneys (including some of the most notable Delaware County divorce attorneys), I decided on hiring Andy Guilfoil. My decision was based on a myriad of reasons. I found Andy to be very straightforward, communicative, reasonable with his fees, and incredibly responsive in a timely fashion. I received immediate responses to all of my calls, emails, and texts to him. This was all before I hired him!

During the divorce process, we dealt with a difficult and unreasonable soon to be ex-spouse, and her attorney. In fact, for a long time, they refused to negotiate at all, and wanted to go to court over every issue. My soon to be ex-spouse had control over most of our assets (including my business), and refused to give me access to anything. Throughout this entire process, Mr. Guilfoil was level headed, calm, diplomatic, and overly fair with his fees. I often called to talk to him about a matter that ultimately was not germane to the case. Mr. Guilfoil politely ushered me off of the phone so I did not accrue attorney's fees for conversations that were not productive or useful. This is an attorney that practices law with integrity.

When the opposition finally decided to come to the table and talk, Mr. Guilfoil was often the only adult in the room. Emotions ran high, but Mr. Guilfoil was the one to stay focused on the actual issues, and to try and resolve the case without further court appearances. We were constantly insulted and threatened by the opposition, but Mr. Guilfoil never took anything personally, and guided me to take the same approach. Ultimately, we did settle the case. Here is the unbelievable thing. Mr. Guilfoil secured a better deal for me than I offered my ex-spouse before I enlisted his help. I really can't say enough about him. I know that I was not an easy client, and this was not an easy case for him, but he did an amazing job. I could not have been happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Guilfoil to represent anyone going through the divorce process.


Chris Napoli

A True Caring and Attentive Attorney, who's knowledge of Pa. Law and Procedures saved Me Thousands of dollars !


Joe Daq

Mr. Holber is a kind compassionate attorney who is extremely knowledgeable about his field. He answers questions quickly and always looks out for my best interest. He is well respected in the community and is an outstanding professional in every way. I recommend him highly. He will be your best advocate.


Constance Erb

I cannot say enough great things about Rob. Aside from being sincerely kind and caring to our family, he was also effective and saved us literally thousands of dollars. We have recommended Rob to several friends and family members.


Terri Carmichael