Marriage Attorney in Media, PA

Marriage Attorney in Media, PA

In the unfortunate event of divorce, it is important that you protect your business, income, assets, and property. Attorney Andrew V. Guilfoil of Holber & Guilfoil will provide clients in Media, PA with the prenuptial agreements they need to protect their futures. A prenup is a written agreement that specifies the property, debt, or asset that each individual owns prior to marriage. It also specifies the property rights of each person should the marriage dissolve, legally binding each party to abide by an agreement that was made prior to the marriage. Contact us to draw up a legally binding prenup agreement to ensure the amicable division of:

  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses
  • Debt
  • Land
  • Liquidity

Some people may wonder about the precedent set by beginning a marriage with a prenup. However, we believe there is no greater love that you can show your future spouse than assurances that your respect for their well-being and accomplishments will continue unconditionally. Let our prenuptial attorneys help you decide what is important when going into your marriage. For some, the need to protect their long-term future is of the utmost importance. Call our office today to set up an appointment and discover all of the ways we can help protect your financial security.

Call Attorney Andrew V. Guilfoil of Holber & Guilfoil today to learn more about prenups and how they secure your finances. We are proud to represent clients in Media, PA, and the surrounding areas.